Day One (Thursday) kicks off at 11am with the first session at noon, allowing time for people who are travelling to Manchester to arrive. Our opening session enables conference participants to explore the central issues that drove us to make this conference happen.

There’ll be lunch at about 1pm for an hour so, and then we’ll run through to about 5.30pm with parallel workshops and a closing plenary session.

After a short break the Thursday evening cabaret event kicks off at about 6pm, with the inestimable Deacon Martin, international man of dignity. Entitled ‘Deacon Martin & Friends’ we’re told that the show will take the form of a cabaret, and will very likely include a “succession of talented performance artistes” aka any conference participants willing to “do a turn”, ably assisted by the multi-talented and very reverend Deacon himself. Download the poster/flyer for the show¬†for further details, and if you are interested in working with Deacon on the show please reach out to him via Have no doubt that this will be a truly unique and memorable evening.

Please be aware that the programme is highly fluid: speakers and timings are subject to change.

WF 2022: Day One

Day Two of the conference kicks off at 10.30am with a focus on the key role of the public sector in enabling cooperation at scale through strategies such as Community Wealth Building, in pursuit of inclusive green community and economic development.

Through workshop discussions, panel sessions and plenaries we’ll explore the game-changing nature of worker and community-led solutions and what’s needed to accelerate and bring these approaches to scale.

We’ll be covering a wide range of sectors and issues including: energy, housing, education, disability, austerity, retrofit, food and farming, diversity and anti-racism, politics, economics, and much more.

WF 2022: Day Two

Immediately following the close of the conference, there is a meeting to discuss the new worker co-operative federal organisation in a nearby venue. For further information on that and to register for that event please see the website.

Please bear in mind that we can’t guarantee any given element of the conference programme, and we reserve the right to alter the programme at any time.