A great line-up of co-operators and policy-makers, with practical sessions, presentations & discussions:

Molly Scott-Cato, Green MEP & economist
Alex Bird, Chair, Cardiff Institute of Co-operative Studies
Sacajawea Hall, Co-founder, Co-operation Jackson
Shaun Fensom, Chair, Broadband.coop & Save Our Bank
Cllr Angeliki Stogia, Greater Manchester Co-operative Commission
Gareth Nash, Preston Co-operative Development Network
Sarah Hughes,
RED Coop
Cllr Martin Judd,
Oldham Council & Co-op Council Innovation Network
Ai Van Kok
, Student Co-op Homes
Kevin Wan, North West Housing Services
Aneaka Kellay, The Carbon Co-op
Mark Simmonds,
Platform 6 Co-op & Co-op Development rep, Co-operatives UK
Abbie Kempson,
Unicorn Grocery Workers Co-op
Ian Hewitt,
Co-ops East Midlands & The New Lucas Plan
Cllr Jo Bird, Co-operative Business Consultants
Dil Green
, UK Mutual Credit Network
Bob Cannell, Co-operative Business Consultants
Vivian Woodell, Co-operative Innovation Fund
and more to come…